Hawaii's Premier Crane Service Company

Crane Tech is the only full-time crane sales and service provider in Hawaii; the industry leader in the Pacific region.

Looking for a gantry or bridge crane?

Our full range of products and equipment includes overhead cranes, custom-fabricated bridge cranes and trolleys, boom trucks, mobile cranes, crane replacement parts, and more.

Need support and service?

We do it all:

Crane installation, inspection, maintenance and repair, overhead crane operator training, crane modernization and certification, and more. We also do runway inspections and load testing, we offer training manuals, and more.

Mobile Cranes: OSHA Inspections

Vehicle Lifts: we sell, service, and inspect all brands of vehicle lifts. OSHA Certifications

Our 24-hour emergency service, staffed by experts, is available to reach all of Hawaii and the Pacific region.

Worried About OSHA Compliance?

Our maintenance plans will ensure your equipment meets all OSHA and HIOSH standards. We also can provide training for your staff to ensure you meet standards for operator training.

Proudly serving Hawaii since 2001.